Scents To Use Around The House


Have you ever walked into your house only to smell rotten food? Or such that the stench from yesterday’s cooking is still lingering in the air? Worse still if it was toe jam from the pile of shoes lining your corridor. While we’ve all heard of the standard air freshener and smell sticks, it is important that the perfume you choose reflect the personality of your household, whether energetic, calming, soothing or refreshing.

It is also important to choose a perfume which stays around quite sometime after its first spray but which is not too harmful is sniffed over prolonged period of time. Some are fresh and some are floral. They are all however suitable for every women.

CH perfumeI have listed below my some of my favorite perfumes for your house. These are all natural scents, made from organic flower petals which will not damage or leave stains to your precious household furniture and is also safe for your family.

Dettol as we know it has been the famous antiseptic used by generations. It recently produced Air, which is a household perfume, is meant to work like an air freshener. Not only is it made from organic blends of lily and lemon, it claims to also rid your house of septic germs in the air. What a way to freshen up your living area while also keeping it safe from bacteria. This perfume is definitely perfect for families with small children and infants.

My second choice would be Airwick’s Clean House perfume. This perfume is especially suitable for houses where there’s been a lot of cooking. If you are one who cooks daily for your family, this would be a good choice as it rids and neutralizes the stench from cooking your garlic, onions and herbs. Made up of a blend of herbs and lemon, this perfume will definitely keep your house smelling fresh like it’s just been spring cleaned.

Alternatively, if you prefer coming home to a calm and relaxing house, you should try Lavender also by Airwick. As its name suggests, this perfume is a blend of lavender, camomile, and vanilla to give it its sweet yet calming aroma which is perfect for the city folks who would want to come home to unwind from a stressful day out.

There has also been a recent trend for green tea or ‘matcha’ as they call it in Japan. Today, you can find everything from green tea ice cream, green tea sweets, green tea jelly, green tea coffee, green tea soap, green tea lotion and even green tea perfume. Hence, green tea air fresheners are no exception. If you like the herby tea scent which is also refreshing and raw like the smell of freshly cut grass, then this is the scent for you.

Lastly, if you are into fruity scents, the Mandarin by Lilly Hansen has been a long time favourite. This has been the best selling house perfume of her range, and it is easy to know why once you smell it. Imagine walking into a garden filled with oranges, that’s exactly the scent you get when you spray this in your house. A little tart yet refreshing, spicy but still a little sweet.

So there you go, my five favourite house perfumes which could be just what you need to freshen up your cute little house. They range from fifteen to thirty dollars a bottle, and could last you up to 3 months if used sparingly depending on the size of your house.